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beth geagan

Beth Geagan is a business voice who comes across clear, deep, believable, and confident in her work. She specializes in corporate narration building on 25+ years in private practice as a management consultant and her direct leadership experience in business development, finance, and human resources.

Beth also has a long history of community capacity building, working with local businesses, government, and non-profit organizations to manage change making her an excellent choice for cause marketing and PSA’s.

As a calm, deliberate, and skilled communicator she shines as a talent for audiobooks, e-learning, education, and guided meditation recordings. Her voice acting is one more way Beth demonstrates her connection to people and purpose. While she hails from New Orleans, today Beth resides in Boise, Idaho, where she is finding new ways to imagine a shift with people in their professions, organizations, and communities.

Clients say Beth is a great listener, affable, and compassionate with the ability to put others at ease. They also say she is strategic, organized, and able to deliver results. Contact Beth for your voice needs. She is a unique blend of business savvy and personal touch. You will find engaging Beth’s talent to be a solid investment with predictable outcomes and you will love working with her.